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Friday, September 24, 2010

Discover New & Upcoming Releases ffrom Silver Publishing

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Discover timeless stories at Silver Publishing this week. We are excited to announce we have TWO new releases-one is an ebook and the other is an audio book. Want to find out more on Silver Publishing? Click HERE to go to their website and you will find a wide array of authors and books for everyone.
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Blood Pond
Blood Pond
D. J. Manly
M/M Mystery/Thriller
Release date: September 25th, 2010

Ten years ago, August's adolescent brother was brutally murdered, and dumped in Blood Pond. The one person he is sure can identify the killer is on the run.
Bruce can't escape the horror of what he experienced the night his friend, Tommy, was slaughtered in front of his eyes. Although he survived, he is still on the run, running from shadows that he can't see. The last thing he wants is to come face to face with his greatest nightmare, face to face with the older brother of his dead boyhood crush.
The person chasing Bruce is a face he once admired in a photograph, a man desperately seeking closure to his brother's murder. August has given up everything to find Bruce because he is sure that Bruce is the key to helping him find what he seeks.
But can Bruce help August find the killer, or will the answer be buried forever at the bottom of Blood Pond?
Slave Auction (Audio)
Slave Auction
Series: Spaced Out For Love #1
Stormy Glenn
M/M Futuristic/Sci-Fi, Shapeshifters, Werewolves/Vampires
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*Also available in Ebook HERE*
Rojan Ja'Dar is a rogue, a pirate that buys and sells cargo for a living. He is his own man, skirting the edge of the law and answering to no one. Arriving on a particular planet, he goes to drop off cargo and discovers a human pet being sold at an auction house. Intrigued, Rojan breaks all his rules and buys the human as his pet. It isn't until after he purchases the human that Rojan discovers he just bought his mate.
Claiming Tyion is not as easy as buying him. Not understanding the danger he is in, Tyion fights his situation as a highly prized and sought after pet in Rojan's world. Rojan has to convince Tyion that being his mate is not as bad as being a pet, even if they have to pretend to the rest of the world that Tyion is just a possession. That is hard to do when someone is after Tyion, someone not from Earth.

Feathers of Silver
Feathers Of Silver
F. L. Bicknell
Contemporary (M/F)
More information HERE
Elizabeth "Lizzy" Shaw has had a rough life. Chased out of town years ago by one of the community's leaders, Lizzy has finally returned. However, living with her virtuous grandmother exercises Lizzy's patience, especially when Lizzy's mother, who was an aspiring actress, tarnished her reputation by changing boyfriends as frequently as her nail polish.
Regardless, Daniel Rivers, the love she left behind, wants Lizzy back. He demands to know why she left town and why she never replied to any of his letters. Lizzy can't let Daniel know her secret, but she can't resist his crooked smile and warm, brown eyes either. Sparks fly between the couple, but Lizzy is determined not to make the same mistake with Daniel. However, when Lizzy is kidnapped by one of her mother’s old boyfriends, it puts life in a different perspective for Lizzy and she realizes she must tell Daniel about his son. Can Lizzy resist the lure of Daniel's touch, the way her body responds to him every time he glances her way? Or will the truth about Daniel’s son tear them apart a second time?


Investments in Blood
Investments in Bloog
Series: Clans and Covens #2
G. A. Endless
Paranormal/Horror, Vampires (M/F)
More information HERE
Blurb coming soon
Soul Betrayal
Soul Betrayal
Series: The Soul Trilogy Vol. 2
Leanore Elliott
Paranormal/Horror, Historical, Romance (M/F)
More information HERE
The Erotic saga of The Soul Series continues...

Cesso has betrayed Reeves and becomes a runaway bride. What must she do to prove that she wants him back? Reeves dreams of his sweet, seductive revenge as he chases her around the world.

Charlie does not  know what happened to her memory as someone stalks her from the shadows, is it the man that she has erotic dreams of?

Jubilee yearns and mourns for Nick, her dead lover as she tries to lift to Family curse. Will his deadly twin-brother Jude, take his place in her life and give her the passion that she longs for?
Jaynell's Wolf
Jaynell's Wolf
Series: A Wizard's Touch #1
Amber Kell
Paranormal/Horror, M/M, Werewolves
More information HERE
At his dead father's bequest, Jaynell Marley attends an esteemed wizard school hoping to finish up his education. What he finds it that the real education he's lacking is about life. When shape shifter Thomas Sparks claims Jaynell as his mate the pair start a whole new understanding between werekin and wizards.
To Kiss a Demon
To Kiss A Demon
JL Oiler
Paranormal/Horror Romance (M/F)
More information HERE
Katrina Rush is a special task force officer assigned to take down on of the city’s biggest arms dealers. Unfortunately, not all her team is on board with the idea. When several of the group turn traitor and assassinate their comrades, Kat is faced the accusations that she is to blame for the treachery.
Barak if a demon from the inworld that has come to the outer plane to find a woman to be his bride. When he catches Kat’s scent, he knows he has found the right one. Now all he needs to do is save her from the bad guys, help her revenge her fallen teammates, and convince her to be his Zi-mate. The fact that the glamour hiding his true nature he borrowed from a witch might make it a bit more difficult.
Together Kat and Bark seek out and eliminate the bad guys while burning up the sheets, as the time their glamour will hide them here in the human plane draws to a close. In the end, Kat finds herself faced with a decision that could mean losing Barak.
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