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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


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Monday, December 27, 2010


Cruising Adventures by Nicole Dennis [978-1-920468-89-7]

Cruising Adventures

by Nicole Dennis


COMING January 1, 2011!

Pre-order at Silver Publishing ONLY!



Gifted a cruise by his office partners, Doctor Connor MacKenzie didn't expect to be proposition and seduce while steaming away from the Florida coastline. Only that is exactly what happens when he meets gorgeous cyclist Nathaniel Grant.

Agreeing to a steamy fling for the duration of the cruise, with no mention of last names or pasts, they enjoy one another. From Connor's lavish suite, throughout the GLBT festivities, when Connor becomes a drag queen's pageant escort, a foray in the gambling hall, and the elegant Captain's dinner.

Still, reality whittles its ugly way into their bliss. Nathan goes astray to see how strong the fragile bond can withstand. Can there be a life for them beyond the ship?


Kian (The Fire Trilogy #1) by RJ Scott [978-1-920468-71-2]

Kian (The Fire Trilogy #1)

by RJ Scott


COMING January 1, 2011!

Pre-order at Silver Publishing ONLY!



Kian ap Rhys is a warlock, a protector and wielder of The Fire. This fire shines purest in a warlock and is coveted by the Nameless. When his uncle’s Fire is stolen, Kieran vows vengeance and seeks the aid of Regan Campbell.

As a hunter of the supernatural predators Regan is the perfect choice to aid Kian on his quest, but Regan is suspicious of the warlock and unwilling to help. It isn’t until their lives are endangered by The Nameless and all choice has been stripped away that they realize they must trust one another or be destroyed.


P’tit Cadeau by Anel Viz [978-1-920468-58-3]

P’tit Cadeau

by Anel Viz


COMING January 1, 2011!

Pre-order at Silver Publishing ONLY!



[P’TIT CADEAU (euphemism) – the “small gift” French hustlers ask for to let you know they expect to be paid]

Ben, an American art professor on a painting sabbatical in the south of France, rents a room in an isolated village to avoid the tourist crush. There he meets his landlady's brother, the sensitive and childlike loner Jean-Yves, whom the locals consider simple minded because he is "different". Ben makes him his principal model and undertakes to build his self-confidence and prepare him to fend for himself.

Jean-Yves’ has never had a friend before. As they grow closer, Ben comes to realize the extent of the young man’s emotional needs, and his total dependence and unbridled devotion frighten him. Has he taken on more responsibility than he can handle? Should he allow himself to fall in love with Jean-Yves when he knows their relationship must end when his sabbatical is over?


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