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Monday, November 29, 2010


Love Immortal [978-1-920468-18-7] by Brita Addams

Love Immortal

by Brita Addams


COMING December 4, 2010!

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Born in 1620, Laurent Kinsdale, an orphan at ten and a vampire at twenty five, goes against all his sire has taught him, when, on an impulse, he turns his lover, Graham Symonds. Graham does not take the turning well, his anger towards the man he's loved for four years knows no bounds. After he commits unconscionable acts directed at destroying Laurent, he disappears for a century and a half.

In 1820, Laurent meets Sebastian FitzHugh. The two men have common sexual interests, each other, despite the fact that Sebastian doesn't know about Laurent's vampirism. Their lives are disrupted by the re-emergence of Graham, who insinuates himself in the middle of their idyll and forces Laurent to make a gut-wrenching decision that could tear his and Sebastian's world apart. Does he care for Sebastian enough to let him go or will he repeat the mistakes of his past?


The House in Birdgate Alley [978-1-920468-51-4] by Anel Viz

The House in Birdgate Alley

by Anel Viz


COMING December 4, 2010!

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London, 1889. Dr. John Williams suspects somebody has been blackmailing one of his patients, Sir Hugh Cockburn. The same day, the body of a young man is found floating in the Thames. Mere coincidence, or is there a connection? Wilson’s eccentric cousin, Cyril Fosterby, turns his mind to unraveling the mystery.