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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Friday Frenzy Contest! This week’s contest ends at midnight on 09/13

This Week’s Prize is:Ladders by Hurri Cosmo

Rhys has spent his entire life in underground Winderport. He knew there was a whole other world above his "sky" but he wasn’t interested–until the day he chased a killer to that mystical upper world and saw Kullian, all six foot something of perfection. So what if the man was a notorious and powerful Fey Baron? Rhys wasn’t a typical law abiding citizen himself. The very fact the man was dangerous made him that much more attractive and had Rhys wanting things he’d never even considered before.

But an injury causes Rhys to lose his memory and his only clues to his identity are his gun and a camera with pictures of Kullian’s silver eyes looking right into the lens. However, Rhys does have one memory–he was after a murderer and somehow Kullian is involved. It’s a race against time because Rhys needs to find his memory and this mysterious killer before it’s too late. Could it be he might just find love as well?

Friday Frenzy Contest! This week’s contest ends at midnight on 09/13