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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Friday Frenzy Contest! This week’s contest ends at midnight on 12/06

Friday FrenzyThis week’s prize is: Deathly Embrace by Cassandra Hawke


Distant relatives, Logan and Paige, must live together in a haunted house for a year to claim their inheritance. It seems simple.

But it is not simple at all.

Murky childhood memories feed an atmosphere of distrust between them and when unexplainable incidents get Logan rattled, they must explore the past and face the ghost’s fury.

The ghost intends to get justice any way she can, including sucking the life out of Logan through sexual seduction. When Logan admits to Paige he is scared to sleep alone, the sexual attraction between them explodes into molten, hot sex.

Their struggle to survive the ghost’s rage brings them closer together, awakening a new ability to trust that brings an unexpected, passionate new love.


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Friday Frenzy Contest! This week’s contest ends at midnight on 12/06