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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Friday Frenzy Contest! This weeks contest ends at midnight 01/17

This weeks prize is: Distant Thunder by Hurri Cosmo

When Brandon realizes his girlfriend, Jackie, is "chatting" online with some guy named "Sam"–and flirting with him too, he’s shocked. So Brandon does what any sane man would do in the same situation. He goes online and pretends he’s Jackie–just to make sure this "Sam" character knows she’s unavailable. But something weird happens. Brandon likes the guy. Sam is funny, witty, and just plain adorable. He’s also afraid of storms. Living in southern Florida, storms tend to be impressive. Suddenly "Sam" has Brandon’s heart doing possessive and protective things he’s never experienced before.

Problem? Brandon’s not gay.

What Brandon doesn’t know is "Sam" is really Samantha, who’s been using a game chat to nurse a lonely heart. She simply erred at a critical moment and now Jackie thinks Sam’s a he and, crap, is Jackie flirting now? She should quit the game. But as a tropical storm approaches, Jackie shows a different–more protective and caring–side, like she’s another person. Suddenly Samantha doesn’t want to let go…

CONTENT ADVISORY: This story contains a HFN ending.

Friday Frenzy Contest! This weeks contest ends at midnight 01/17