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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Oh Brother, Who Art Thou? by Edward Kendrick

When Robbie’s brother, Tim, sends him off to visit his ‘second-cousin’ and her husband, Robbie thinks it’s just a family reunion of sorts. Then comes the horrifying news that Tim has been murdered. To make matters worse, Robbie finds out from Tim’s boss that his brother was not what he thought.

Determined to find Tim’s killer, Robbie enlists the help of his friend, fellow criminal justice student and computer whiz, Keith.

Then the question becomes will they, and their budding romance, survive what they discover? Or will one or both of them fall prey to Tim’s murderous counterpart?

Heat Index: Heat IndexHeat Index

Release Date: 03/22/2014

Genres: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Gay, Romance, Suspense/Mystery, Thriller

ISBN: 9781622321414

List Price: $7.49

Club Price: $5.99

Savings: $1.50 (20%)

You Earn: 12 reward points

Oh Brother, Who Art Thou? by Edward Kendrick