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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Savage Betrayal by Emily Tyler

savage betrayal


Princess Kendra, legitimate only daughter of the royal marriage is destined to be Queen of Keswin but her twin, Kirra, covets the crown. Her lover, Lord Devon also wants the crown and he seizes it with a bloody coup.

Kendra survives the slaughter, but when she reveals Kirra’s illegitimacy Devon rapes Kendra to ensure a legitimate heir.

While fleeing to safety Kendra saves and falls in love with a wounded soldier, Arlan, and when no noble will offer her marriage she finds a way to marry the man she loves. Their relationship is based on friendship, respect, equality and fiery hot sex.

But Kendra knows she must soon put their happiness at risk and return and save her throne.


CONTENT ADVISORY: As a serial work, this book contains a "to be continued" ending. This book is a love story, not a romance. This title contains scenes of rape that may be disturbing to some readers



Release Date: 04/12/2014


Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy

Savage Betrayal by Emily Tyler