Silver Publishing is a royalty-paying, full-service publisher of superior quality, romance and erotic print and eBook formats.

We dare our authors to be different and challenge the boundaries of conventional romance while still offering solid storylines, well-rounded characters, and a sensory tantalizing experience guaranteed to satisfy a reader's romance cravings.


Monday, May 24, 2010


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Silver Publishing will open for submissions beginning June 1, 2010.

Silver Publishing accept all genres of erotic romance fiction for both homosexual and heterosexual audience as stand-alone stories or well-developed series. We welcome stories which are unexpected, surprising, dark, controversial, and cross-genre.

Although we do not offer advances, we do offer a generous rate of 60% net royalties from purchases on both our website and distribution partners. Best of all, you only sign a 2 year contract!

Services Provided:

Silver Publishing offers the following services to authors at no additional cost:
  • Editorial Service
  • Cover Art
  • ISBN

Distribution Partners:
  • All Romance Ebooks
  • OmniLit
  • BookStrand
  • 1Romance e-Books
  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Sony
  • Kobo
  • Apple iPad (iBookstore)
  • Fictionwise - Coming Soon!

Print Books are listed on:
  • Amazon
  • CreateSpace
  • Various Bookstores and Online Retailers including Barnes & Noble
  • Libraries

For a sample contract, feel free to email us at admin@silverpublishing.info

Although we haven’t officially opened our doors for submission yet, feel free to visit our site for our Submission Guidelines at http://silverpublishing.info/index.php?main_page=page_4 and file your submissions now in order to start the process!