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Friday, May 21, 2010

Dark Diva Reviews

Heart of the Mountain

4.5 Divas from Kathy!

"I very much enjoyed Seth and Jasper’s story; they were characters that we got to know in the previous book and even then it was obvious that these two men had their own story coming. What’s even better is that I had no expectation for what Mr. Dale had planned. Well other than another wonderful romance with some hot and sexy man-lovin’ of course. *grin* But in A Loving Hart Leiland took us another step or dozen further and introduced a secret that I did not see coming at all... I love when that happens. "

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Sacred Heart Hospital Series

4.5 Divas from Helen!

"Brothers Without Borders is a love story. The difference between this and most other love stories is that the main characters are brothers. Both brothers experience a fair amount of guilt and angst in the early part of the book as they try to come to terms with their true feelings. "

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