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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Something for Santa by AKM Miles [978-1-920468-43-9]
Something for Santa
by AKM Miles




Derek Campbell is working a couple of jobs to help pay off some debts from his mother’s illness. One job is playing Santa at Martin’s Department Store. On a break he’s alone and lamenting the lack of love in his life and that no one really sees him. A small voice tells him that he sees him. Derek looks down to find an elf beside him. Said elf is in need and Derek helps him out, not knowing that he is going to meet the man of his dreams.
Max Martin is a busy man, CEO of all the Martin’s empire, father to Michael, and in need of help in many areas. Derek steps up to the plate offering help in several of those areas, including one that Max wasn’t aware of. He hadn’t known how badly he needed someone to love him, to make his life whole. There is fun, laughter, romance, jealousy, revenge, heartache, fear, and it’s Christmas, so, a happy ending.***
The Oasis by A.J. Llewellyn [978-1-920468-75-0]
The Oasis
by A.J. Llewellyn




Elias and his best friend/roommate Josh take the plunge and head to Palm Springs for one of the notorious gay circuit parties that take place in the lavish desert resort called The Oasis on holiday weekends. After a disastrous start, they find all the sex with all the hot bodies they could want. However, they find to their surprise that the real oasis…was right under their noses all along. Elias and Josh realize there is something else between them. Could their real oasis be…each other?***
Grand Jeté by Diana Copland [978-1-920484-17-0]
Grand Jeté
by Diana Copland




Jordan Armstead is not a ballet fan, so finding himself at the Opera House with his family, watching his niece in 'The Nutcracker', is not his idea of a good time. That is until a god-like specimen wearing little more than a loin cloth and simmering oil appears on stage, effortlessly partnering his female counterpart through the sensuous 'Arabian' pas de deux.
That night, when the very same man, after suffering a potentially career ending injury, appears in the emergency room where Jordan is a nurse , Jordan finds himself as attracted to the man as he was to the dancer. The attraction is mutual, and they share a magical twenty four hours. But at the end of it, Jordan finds himself wondering if he's impulsively given his heart to someone who has more important things to do than think about a one night stand. Against the backdrop of Christmas trees, sugar plums and falling snow, two men with absolutely nothing in common find out that where the heart is concerned, it just doesn't matter at all.