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Sunday, December 5, 2010

AVAILABLE NOW - Day 5 of the 25 Days of Christmas

Candy Cain by Constantine De Bohon [978-1-920468-74-3]

Candy Cain

by Constantine De Bohon





Candy is on top of the world, a high priced corporate lawyer, expensive cars, time on her hands and money to burn. Although she has no one to burn it on, except for a yearly ritual of buying toys and treats for the needy at Christmas time, the money is still there. Every holiday sees her traveling to the quaint village she grew up in as a child to make wishes come true. As a foster child of disadvantaged parents she had no luxuries save but one, she was loved, as were her four foster siblings. After her foster parents demise, she had found herself alone and lonely over the years.
Cain was an egotistical enigma. A very deprived and hurting enigma, who felt wishes were for fools. He was opposite to Candy’s wealth, grace and charm, being destitute, impolite, and ill-mannered. Their two worlds literally collide when Candy bumps into him outside a shopping mall. His disdain is more than apparent, taking in her expensive clothing, what he believes to be her haughty attitude, and determines her to be an overindulged, spoiled brat. She, in turn, believes she is staring at an underachieving, self-righteous bum. After a heated confrontation of wills, the two hope never to set eyes on one another again.
How unfortunate it was for Candy to end up in his vehicle in a raging snowstorm overnight after he accidently runs her off the road. The two have no choice but to warm each other’s’ cold bodies, lest they freeze to death. As the temperature dips outside, the heat begins to sizzle inside. Candy and Cain, though worlds apart in society, begin to feel perhaps they have more in common than either could ever wish for. They both discover the miracle of Christmas wishes isn’t for just the very young.