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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

AVAILABLE NOW: Day 7 of the 25 Days of Christmas!

Have Yourself a Rotten Little Christmas by JL Oiler [978-1-920468-50-7]

Have Yourself a Rotten Little Christmas

by JL Oiler





Holly has never really liked Christmas, and this year her reasons to dislike the season seem to have come to a head. What is a girl to do? Holly has to rush about not only to finish all her Christmas shopping, work her crummy job, but also convince her mother not to fix her up with some loser so that she can have more grandkids. Oh and don’t forget that now she has to spend Christmas Eve tracking down the guy who made her a zombie before someone else takes a bite out of him or she starts to rot. Thank goodness Santa sees fit to send some Christmas cheer her way in the form of a tall sexy Reaper.