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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Best Selling Series Madness = 20 % Off



The Outsiders Series:

Love Beyond Time by Rebecca Royce

♥ Love Beyond Sanity by Rebecca Royce

♥ Love Beyond Loyalty by Rebecca Royce

♥ Love Beyond Sight by Rebecca Royce

♥ Love Beyond Expectations by Rebecca Royce

Wind Warriors Series:

♥ Tiger’s Lily by Cheyenne Meadows

♥ Loco by by Cheyenne Meadows

♥ Summer’s Night by Cheyenne Meadows

♥ Sky’s Lark by Cheyenne Meadows

♥ Silver Spoon by Cheyenne Meadows

********************** Sale runs 10/30 – 11/04 ********************

Love Beyond Time_Rebecca RoyceLove Beyond Sanity_Rebecca RoyceLove Beyond Loyalty_Rebecca RoyceLove Beyond Sight_Rebecca RoyceLove Beyond ExpectationsTigers Lily_Cheyenne MeadowsLoco-Cheyenne MeadowsSummer's NightSky Lark by Cheyenne MeadowsSilver Spoon


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Best Selling Series Madness = 20 % Off