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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Magic & Mayhem–Seven Stories to Make You Shiver & Sizzle




Halloween stories are available October 26th:

Wicked Harvest


A Wicked Harvest by Shawn Bailey


Death and Grim, masters of the underworld, pair a senior reaper, Jonathan Kennedy, with Morgan, a prince of the Seelie Court, for the annual Soul Harvest. The mean-spirited Jonathan doesn’t want a partner–until he lays eyes on the handsome fairy prince.




A Magical Affair


A Magical Affair by Skye Ritchey


A mansion sitting atop a wellspring of magic lets Romy, Heath, and Stacie live out their fantasies. Heath loves the opportunity, but he really wants one thing–for Romy to give up control and let him call the shots.







Fletcher Lunatic Asylum


Fletcher Lunatic Asylum by Madeleine Ribbon


Jonathan, a paranormal investigator, is hired to check out an abandoned asylum. The facility’s owner is positive that there are dozens of hauntings, but Jonathan is less optimistic–until he finds his very own ghost in the old morgue.





The Pumpkin Patch


The Pumpkin Patch by Rosina Scott


Successful restaurant chain owner, William Axel, finds more than he bargained for when he travels back to the town of his childhood to visit the renowned Heart’s Pumpkin Patch in search of pumpkins to make seasonal treats.








The Silver Solution


The Silver Solution by D.T. Dragon


Friends, employers, lovers, and nature conspire against Ralph having a quiet life while tending to Mr Hudson’s vast garden estate. A Halloween college survival trip during the full moon further complicates things, leaving Ralph to prove that nature doesn’t define us.




The Night Shift

The Night Shift by Ellen Heights


Gwen has watched Jason from afar and discovers he and his brothers are shape-shifters. They admit their love after a steamy night in the forest, then Gwen discovers a feud with local werewolves could tear them apart–or get them killed.










Samhain by Pelaam


Robert must care for his niece, Aimee, who is unaware he’s a witch of light. Darkness seeks to use her against him. On Samhain, the forces of light and dark will clash. Who will be the victor?




Magic & Mayhem–Seven Stories to Make You Shiver & Sizzle