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Monday, October 28, 2013

Friday Frenzy Contest! This week’s contest ends at midnight on 11/01

Friday FrenzyThis week’s prize is: D-Boy by Edward Kendrick.

At sixteen, Derek loses his memory, and his family, in an accident. He’s rescued by the reclusive Michael. Then he begins the long journey to discover his past.

In Denver, he finds a job, a place to live, and trouble when someone attempts to kidnap him. Members of the ‘Company’ help him escape and later recruit him. Ending up in New Orleans, he’s nineteen and working undercover when he’s teamed with Brad, who teaches him the joys of sex. Heartbroken when he thinks Brad has found another man, Derek transfers to Denver.

Derek is twenty-four, still with the ‘Company’, when he remembers more about the accident, leading to shocking revelations about his father. Then Brad is sent to Denver on a job and Derek must decide if he can trust Brad’s love again, while working with him on the assignment.

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Friday Frenzy Contest! This week’s contest ends at midnight on 11/01