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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday Frenzy Contest! This week’s contest ends at midnight on 10/18

Friday FrenzyThis Week’s Prize is: Wear Orange to Conquer Demons by Dionie McNair

Tabitha Cockell’s has always been bullied. Her tormentor, Amelia Eckerton, hounds her with cruel taunts both face to face and online. When compromising photo-shopped photos appear online Tabitha is so distressed she attempts suicide. During her recovery, Tabitha meets volunteers from the State Emergency Service. Intrigued by the teamwork, closeness and support these men and women share and desperate to build a new life she finds the courage to join in the search for that intangible ‘thing’ she saw in the crew in orange overalls. Her self esteem and confidence blossom as she learns new skills to help those in dire straits. Stronger now, she faces her demons and Amelia’s taunts lose their sting


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Friday Frenzy Contest! This week’s contest ends at midnight on 10/18