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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

4 Star Review for Skin by Greg Bowden from MM Good Book Reviews



Book Blurb:


Upon the death of his boss, Sam Davis sheds his old ‘skin’ as a companion and builds a new life in Palm Springs. He restores a home, learns to trust, starts a relationship, and… discovers a body.

A house named Deva Shaante brings Sam Davis and Toby Litchfield together. Sam is an older man who tragically lost his first love. Toby, much younger, lost a lover, too. But he suffered through treachery instead of a tragedy. Through restoring the house, a mid-century gem, both learn to trust and rebuild a relationship. Along the way, they explore the clothing optional and playful parts of Palm Springs. As Sam sheds his old ‘skin’, he finds new friends, a fun life and… a dead body next door.



Cover Artist: Lee Tiffin

Genres: Crime (police/detectives/PI), Gay, Romance

4 Star Review for Skin by Greg Bowden from MM Good Book Reviews