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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Promotion by Marie Ashley

Toni Weaver is fired and loses a major promotion when her boss, Blaine Haskell, believes lies told to him about Toni.

A year later, now working as a private investigator, Toni is asked to work on a case to help Blaine recover a computer chip that has been stolen from his company. The thief is not impressed that Toni has been hired to work on the case and Toni’s life is threatened. It doesn’t take Toni long to realize that this is not just a theft… it’s personal. Someone is targeting her specifically.

While Toni and Blaine race to find the chip and keep Toni from harm, painful memories surface for Toni but Blaine pushes a blooming romance.

Heat Index: Heat IndexHeat IndexHeat IndexHeat IndexRelease Date: 08/31/2013

Genres: Contemporary, Male/Female, Romance

ISBN: 978-1-61495-785-0

Word Count: 45800

Page Count: 242

Cover Artist: Lee Tiffin

List Price: $9.59

Club Price: $7.99

Savings: $1.60 (20%) You Earn: 8 reward points

The Promotion by Marie Ashley