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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Friday Frenzy Contest! This week’s contest ends at midnight on 08/16

Friday FrenzyThis Week’s Prize is: Decorated with Love by Parker James


Chase, Kurt, and Stefan are childhood friends who bring their unique talents to Just For You, a popular custom design firm. Chase does the decor work, Stefan showcases his craftsmanship skills with woodworking and carpentry, and Kurt handles the business details.

Chase is devastated when he learns his boyfriend has proposed to a woman. His love life has fallen apart and when an important fabric order goes awry, it threatens to put him over the edge. Drowning his sorrows in a cup of hot, black coffee before consulting on his next big job seems like the answer–until he meets Frank.

When Chase discovers the man who sets his body–and soul–on fire is the husband of his newest client, he vows not to be the ‘other man’ again, but his heart and his body just aren’t listening.

Friday Frenzy Contest! This week’s contest ends at midnight on 08/16