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Thursday, August 15, 2013

4.5 Stars for Cowboy’s Chocolate Roses by Jess Buffett from Up All Night Reviews

Cowboys Chocolate Roses


Book Blurb:

Joshua and Brianna hit it off immediately and share a passionate night. Bri flees before Josh wakes up and later regrets her action. Now she has to find him and hope he’ll let her explain.


Joshua Kell signs a deal that will set his ranch up for life and then spends the night with the woman of his dreams. Waking up alone, he returns home, nursing a broken heart.

Brianna Evans struggles to overcome a horrific trauma. After two years, she’s finally taking back control of her life, but she panics when she wakes up next to Josh.

Bri has to find him again, and when she does, hopes he’ll understand and forgive her for running. She wants the chance to be happy again. But when a ghost from her past threatens to take everything away, Bri has to trust her cowboy will stop at nothing to keep her safe. .

Cover Artist: Lee Tiffin

Genres:Contemporary, Cowboys, Male/Female, Romance, Western

4.5 Stars for Cowboy’s Chocolate Roses by Jess Buffett from Up All Night Reviews