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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Scorpion's Heart by Dionie McNair

On the day Brianna learns her elusive father is the powerful leader of the magical Abrasaxons her world is shattered by an evil Braxon. Brianna’s acceptance of her heritage begins when she sets out to find her father and elicit his help save her people. On the journey she and her companions overcome treacherous challenges, including defeating a Zirack to save a young woman. Issah, Brianna’s half-sister, has come for help to find their father and save the world as they know it.

As together the sisters use their un-developed magic skills to defeat the Braxons, Brianna realises that not only has she found her father and a new sister, but she has found herself.

Heat Index:
Heat Index

Release Date:08/17/2013



Word Count:68460

Page Count:330

Cover Artist: Reese Dante

List Price:$8.39

Club Price:$6.99

Savings:$1.40 (20%)

You Earn:7 reward points

The Scorpion's Heart by Dionie McNair