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Monday, August 12, 2013

Great Review for The Grin Reaper by Robin Anderson from Amos Lassen Reviews

Grin Reaper


Book Blurb:

When Oliver and Jamie discover Kurt’s cavorting with them and their fathers, madness and mayhem of all manners ensues when they plan revenge. Enter Kama Sitar, the Lyons’ den, television, movies, high-style coifs, and the cast is near complete!


Scriptwriter Oliver and actor Jamie set wheels a rolling upon their startling discovery Kurt is cavorting with not just them, but also with their fathers! Revenge is dish best served scorching, and the plot and cast of charming and not-so-charming characters rise to a boil with the addition of high school bullies, a hot porn star, a Lyons’ den, television drama, Cannes-bound film, and the trendiest in coifs of the day.

Madness, murder, and mayhem ensue, along with love, lust, and a dash of blackmail.

Set in London, South Africa, and Italy, this madcap romp into the dark side of ‘daddies dearest’, includes stops along the way for hilarity, makeovers, marriage, divorce, and, of course, Dilly, the dildo.


CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains MM, MF, and FF sexual situations. This title contains a HFN ending. .

Cover Artist: Reese Dante

Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Gay, Lesbian, Male/Female

ISBN: 9781614959687

Word Count: 83038

Page Count: 438

Great Review for The Grin Reaper by Robin Anderson from Amos Lassen Reviews